KnifeNews: Michael Burch Brings out the Swoopy with Boker

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Our ongoing coverage of Boker’s 2024 lineup continues with the Swoopy. Don’t let the quirky name fool you, the Swoopy is a hardworking knife from big name custom maker Michael Burch.

Michael Burch is no stranger to production collaborations (see: the Spyderco Bombshell from 2020, among others). Burch’s style emphasizes the brawn that today’s folding knives can achieve thanks to modern materials and hefty dimensions; but Burch’s work is always sensibly hefty; his penchant for the tanklike does not mean hinder their performance in or out of the pocket, instead striking a balance that blends beef with the carryability and nimbleness that most users need in the knives.

I have been impressed with Boker’s 2024 lineup. Really the past 203 years worth from the company.

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Michael Burch Brings out the Swoopy with Boker


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