Weekend Open Thread: Who needs a theme? edition

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Hey everyone. I have to admit, I am glad this week is over. Our annual SHOT Show review is one of our biggest articles of the year, and not actually having gone to SHOT Show made it a bit more difficult than it would already have been.


But we are done, and it is off to the printer. I am getting ready to leave for Cookeville in the morning. Coaching 4 girls lax games tomorrow.

Last Saturday was a good day, despite our coming out on the short end of a close game, and getting throttled by a team with 10 8th graders. I had 12 players who were playing in their first game ever, and a bunch of my “veterans” were making their first start. We played 26 girls, and they had fun. That is all I care about.

How are y’all doing? I apologize that the website updates were a bit sparse. I was just swamped with both work and life stuff.


If you can’t tell, there isn’t really a them to this week’s memes.

Though there are a few random hangers on from previous weeks’ themes…

We have had several recurring memes the last few weeks…

The Great Cell Phone Outage of 2024 has come and gone,

But this is evergreen…

With Mayo, Lettuce, and Peanut Butter. Gen X rocks.

Of course she is.

Having a look at the Events Calendar:

Nothing this weekend, but next weekend there are a trio of shows, or related events…

Spring Spirit of Steel Pigeon Forge Knife Show

NCCA One-Day Knife Show

Texas State Knife & Tomahawk Championship


Obviously, I have no choice…

I have actually stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. But not a flatbed Ford in sight.

This is actually the only Eagles song I particularly like. The second musical feature is just going to be Joe Walsh.

He isn’t even a real Captain. He’s a classic case of Stolen Valor. (I know I have shared this one, but is segues)

This is true, but I don’t care…

I don’t care if it is like chomping glass, I love the stuff.

He isn’t any better than Cap’n Crunch.

$500 hammers are a rip off.

I can relate.

I think that one was my favorite meme this week.

Kinda true

No one is sacrificing to win a knife..

Our knife giveaway is a “Two Token” drawing, which means you will be joining Zach S as a “token holder” if you are drawn next week.  Up to 5 comments or replies are your entries, and you need to be drawn twice to win the knife. If you are new to the blog, your comments will be moderated until I can approve the first batch.  From then on, you will be good to go.

I actually drew Hocky twice, but he has opted out of this contest. Good Luck everyone.

What else are you gonna do?

I think they are going to Narc.


A Mall can be.a big place.  I like my chances.

Can you blame him?

Peace was never an option.

I am that old.

Pitchers and catchers have already reported.

I missed that one when my kids were little.

And stomp the groin.

Grandparents are better than moms…

But Moooommmm!

I can hear it clearly.

Plant based corn dog.

It’s data. And I will fight you.

Better than the cone of shame.

Seemed like a good segue

Any Civ players?

I wonder if she sang Fat Bottomed Girls.

It barely missed the Visitor Center.

And there is a Beef Jerkey Bar.

Totally unrealistic.

Indeed it is.

The struggle is real.

Push Pops were the best.

People are dumb.

All hail the lord of the digital file.

Asking the important questions.

We had it better.

Changing gears for a moment, it has been 146 days since October 7th.

I understand that there was an incident yesterday involving some civilians getting allegedly shot by some Israeli soldiers.  This does not change my overall assesment of the situation or the righteousness of the Israeli cause. The fog of war is a thing, and when the dust settles, I trust that if a crime was committed, those involved will be held responsible.

Thing is, if Hamas hadn’t invaded Israel on October 7th, there would not be this war.  There would not be hostages. There would have been no need for an aid convoy that came under perceived attack. But the casualties lie at the feet of those who started this conflict.

We have shared memes with variations on the Trolley Problem. I found this an interesting way to apply it to the Gaza war,

Read the Whole Thing…

I look forward to retiring this section of the WOT, but I will not stop using my platform until the hostages are freed and Israel declares their objectives complete.

As I said, I am not a massive Eagles fan. But I dig Joe Walsh’s solo work.

Watch me.

I do it for you…

They might not make things actually better, but memes make things feel better.

Have a good one everybody.

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