Volcanic Bikes Donating Patrol Bikes to Omaha Police Foundation


Volcanic Bikes, a premier manufacturer of patrol bicycles, is donating two original Approach Patrol Bikes (APBs) to the Omaha Police Foundation this Friday. These professional-grade bicycles are designed specifically for law enforcement patrol officers and will be used to enhance public safety efforts throughout the Omaha metro area.

“Public safety officers and first responders need reliable equipment,” explained Nathan Keenan, co-owner of Volcanic Bikes. “Standard consumer bicycles found in bike shops and big box stores are simply not made for professional bike patrol.”

Keenan and his business partner, Chris Snere, acquired Volcanic Bikes in 2022 and relocated its operations from Seattle to Omaha.

Volcanic Bikes are specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of patrol work. Each component, from frame geometry to reinforced wheels, is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of first responders. These custom designs ensure quick mounting, dismounting, and durability on rough urban terrains.

Omaha-Based Patrol Bicycle Company

Since relocating to Omaha, Volcanic Bikes has quickly grown in reputation and sales to become the premier patrol bike company in the United States. Interest from other countries around the globe underscores the quality and effectiveness of our products.

Benefits of First Responders Using Bicycles

Patrol bicycles offer numerous advantages over traditional emergency vehicles:

  • Increased Mobility & Decreased Response Time: Bikes can patrol areas that would be difficult to access with a car. With the ability to easily weave in and out of traffic, first responders on bikes can quickly get to a crime scene, respond to an emergency call, or reach someone in need of assistance.
  • Visibility: Bike patrols are much more visible than police cars, which can deter crime and make people feel safer.
  • Cost Savings: Bike patrols can save money on fuel costs and maintenance.
  • Community Relations: Bike patrols can help to improve community relations by allowing patrol officers to interact with people in a more personal way.

“We are pleased to donate these bikes to the Omaha Police Foundation as a gift to our city,” said Snere. “Few people in Omaha realize we’re making the finest patrol bikes right here in Omaha!”

For more information about Volcanic Bikes and their commitment to supporting first responders, please visit volcanicbikes.com

About Volcanic Bikes:

Volcanic Bikes is a leading manufacturer of patrol bicycles, exclusively serving law enforcement, firefighters, military, security, and similar industries. With a commitment to performance and durability, Volcanic Bikes ensures that first responders have the reliable equipment they need to perform their duties effectively. Founded in Seattle and now based in Omaha, Volcanic Bikes continues to set the standard for professional-grade patrol bicycles.

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