First Look: Versacarry OWB Holster for The Taurus Judge


Versacarry has just released a new OWB (Over the Waistband) holster for the Taurus Judge revolver. The Versacarry Judge OWB option is made from premium water buffalo hides with a vegetable-tanned brown finish and is available for both right or left handed shooters. As the holster is designed to sit openly on a belt on the side of the wearer’s hip, it has a degree of forward cant for easy access and a smooth draw. In addition, the holster features an adjustable retention screw that is end user configurable to their unique preferences. The rear side of the holster has a bult in protective leather backing to protect both the wearer and the gun from sweat and grime while carrying for extended periods of time.

​​”At Versacarry, we are dedicated to providing firearm enthusiasts with high-quality, American-made products that enhance their shooting experience. The Taurus Judge is a popular firearm that needed more holster options for both right and left-handed users,” said Justin Sitz, CEO at Versacarry.

Versacarry Taurus Judge OWB Holster Features:

  • Outside the Waistband design
  • Made from premium water buffalo leather
  • Raised leather backing
  • Right and left-hand models
  • Forward cant
  • Adjustable retention screw
  • Made in the USA

The Taurus Judge is a versatile 5-shot revolver designed to fire either .45 Colt cartridges or .410 shotshells for multipurpose or utilitarian tasks around a farm, ranch or trails. Its ability to handle either the revolver cartridge or the shotshells allows it to be used for anything from vermin and pest control to self-defense. The Taurus Judge is available in a range of trim levels and different finishes, including an Executive Grade series variant, which is the most premium level of revolvers that Taurus currently offers.

Visit to learn more about the new OWB belt holster for the Taurus Judge or other products from Versacarry.  

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