First Look: Popzulu Eye Protection

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Popticals is launching the new Popzulu series, a new product line of tactical, ballistic-rated safety glasses. Popticals Popzulu tactical eyewear is designed around safety and comfort with the ANSI Z87.1+ and MIL PRF 32432 ballistic-impact ratings in mind. These impact-resistant lenses are available in three different tones—gray, clear and orange—to cover different lighting conditions or shooting applications as well as personal preferences. The lenses themselves are a product of the Carl Zeiss Optics Lab and the material featured in this eyewear is five times more resistant to hits and stresses compared to the typical polycarbonate lens material found in most eyewear. Besides the impact resistance, there is a tough scratch resistant outer layer. 

“At Popticals, we embrace an adventurous lifestyle and aim to create sunglasses that can be a functional accessory for everywhere you go,” said Gary DiSalvo, owner and CEO of Popticals. “Creating ballistic and safety eyewear that caters to the specific needs of all shooting sports enthusiasts and workplace safety is the next evolutionary breakthrough of Popticals as a premium eyewear provider. The unmatched versatility, durability, aesthetics, style, adaptations and protection found in POPZULU ballistic eyewear ensures you’ll see your target clearer than ever and experience vision without boundaries.” 

Popticals Popzulu eyewear is designed around ultra-lightweight frames in order to reduce wearer fatigue, especially during extended range or training sessions. To better fit wearers, they’re equipped with an adjustable nose piece. Each pair also ships with a retention strap. Finally, the frame is designed to bend and completely collapse to make them extra easy to store. When folded down, a pair of Popzulu glasses becomes about 75 percent shorter. Popzulu eyewear will have a retail price of $139. To learn more about Popzulu ballistic rated tactical eyewear or other products offered by Popticals, visit

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