GRAPHIC WARNING: Disturbing Video Shows Woman Being Attacked With Belt Around Neck

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BRONX, NY (2-minute read) – Early this Saturday morning, Kashaan Parks, 39, was arrested in connection to a harrowing incident in the Bronx where he was filmed assaulting a woman using his belt. The NYC belt attack occurred in the early hours of May 1st near East 152nd Street and Third Avenue.

The Incident

The unsettling footage of the NYC belt , released by the New York Post, shows Parks engaging in a violent act where he uses his belt to forcibly pull a 45-year-old woman to the ground and drag her between two parked cars. The victim, who lost consciousness during the incident, was able to provide a description of her attacker, leading to Parks’ identification. She noted having seen him previously around the neighborhood and recognized him by his distinctive teeth.

Parks is said to have sexually assaulted her during the incident.

NYC Belt Attack video

The video below is graphic and some viewers may find it incredibly disturbing. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

After the incident, Parks reportedly escaped in the direction of Melrose Avenue, while the distressed woman sought care at Lincoln Hospital. The NYPD has confirmed the apprehension of a person of interest but stopped short of officially confirming the identity due to ongoing investigations. The exact charges against Parks are still pending clarification.

Situational awareness is crucial in ensuring personal safety and security. It involves being conscious of your environment and being able to interpret and react to potential threats. Being alert and aware can often prevent confrontations and incidents before they escalate.

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Safety Tip: Stay alert and prioritize personal safety by avoiding isolated areas during late hours. Carry tools such as pepper spray to fend off an attacker.

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