Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire is Elite!

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All things long-range, precision shooting seemingly continue to grow. So does the rimfire segment, with shooters turning to both trainers and extremely accurate rimfires for long-range shooting, training, field work and more. To answer that demand, the Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire brings a very interesting new build to the market.

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire Details

A few years ago, Christensen Arms released its Modern Precision Rifle, a chassis-based rifle utilizing V-block bedding, bringing a sub-MOA guarantee in cartridges designed to go long. Now Christensen Arms employs that same philosophy into a rimfire package.

The rimfire version sports a carbon-tension barrel for accuracy, rigidity and light weight. Like its predecessor, the Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire comes with an accuracy, this one guaranteeing sub-MOA groups at 50 yards.

The rifle also includes a side-folding, magnetically secured stock, making it highly portable. Just fold this rifle up, jam it in a pack or behind a truck seat, and you’re off to adventures. Inside, a Triggertech Trigger helps shooters make a good shot. A lightweight aluminum chassis, FFT carbon fiber handuard with M-LOK attachment points, adjustable FFT carbon fiber cheek piece, and six QD flush cup mounts round out the package.

The Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire comes with a 16-, 18-, or 20-inch barrel. Chamber options include .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR. Three color options include black, desert brown and tungsten). Meanwhile, handguard options come in 10.5 or 14 inches.

Available in March, this high-end rimfire retails for $1,249.99. For more info, visit

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle Rimfire Specs

  • Starting at 6.2 pounds
  • Accuracy Guarantee: Sub-MOA (50 yds)
  • Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber Tension Rimfire barrel with 1/2 x 28 threaded muzzle
  • FFT Handguard featuring M-Lok
  • 0-MOA Picatinny rail (with aftermarket options in 20-MOA / 40-MOA / 60-MOA)
  • Folding Stock with locking hinge and Magnelock technology
  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Adjustable comb height with FFT Cheek Riser
  • AR Compatible Grip
  • Triggertech Trigger REM 700 compatible
  • Ruger BX-1 Magazine
  • Available: March 2024
  • MSRP: $1,249.99

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