UN Declares War on FREE SPEECH to Censor the TRUTH, Subvert Accountability, Control Populations


This article was originally published by Lance D. Johnson at Natural News. 

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, (UN) just released the globalist’s latest game plan for population control, surveillance, and censorship. The game plan, titled Global Principles for Information Integrity, seeks to put an end to “harmful misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech” online, all while “upholding human rights such as the freedom of speech.”

Guterres presented the game plan with a sense of urgency, commanding governments, technology companies, the media, and advertisers to take control and establish official narratives while quashing opposition voices. The UN supports Big Tech’s algorithmic control over the information stream online and seeks to control online speech further. A global body of elites seeks to delete what they believe is the disinformation, and they seek to discredit and demonetize the voices of dissent. All the censorship coming from global power systems is a war on free speech, but it’s also a war on truth so these power systems cannot be held to account for their abuses.

UN’s information surveillance and control system seeks to centralize censorship for global domination

The UN is erecting an information surveillance and control system that crafts authoritarian narratives that limit access to life-saving knowledge. These control systems not only censor, but they train people what to say, how to behave, and what to think. The UN wants to create a world of simps who surrender their sovereignty and bow down to manipulative and abusive entities and false authorities.

These algorithms or automated review processes will be programmed to filter and remove content deemed objectionable or politically sensitive. This can include blocking websites, social media posts, or entire platforms that criticize the government, promote dissent, or discuss sensitive topics like human rights abuses or political opposition.

In times of political unrest or during manufactured crises, governments may impose internet shutdowns or restrict access to specific websites or social media platforms. This tactic effectively silences dissenting voices, prevents the spread of information about protests or the abuses of governments, and limits the ability of citizens to communicate and organize. Examples of this tyranny were observed on the Facebook social media platform when Meta targeted and shut down community groups that discussed COVID-19 vaccine injury. Any opposition to vaccine mandates was derided as “misinformation” and any groups that organized for medical freedom were algorithmically shut down or their reach was severely restricted.

Furthermore, surveillance technologies can be used to monitor online activities in real time, track individuals’ digital footprints, and identify dissenting voices or activists. This surveillance creates a chilling effect, deterring individuals from expressing controversial opinions or participating in political discourse online.

By manipulating search results, governments, and pharmaceutical companies can influence search engine algorithms to prioritize or bury certain information about cures for infectious diseases, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. By controlling what information surfaces at the top of search results, pharmaceutical companies can shape public perception, suppress alternative viewpoints, or promote propaganda and official narratives to keep people sick and coming back for more drugs and vaccines that don’t work.

UN will abuse its power to command narratives and skirt accountability for totalitarian actions

Governments may enact laws and regulations that impose restrictions on digital content, such as requiring platforms to remove “harmful” or “offensive” content. These laws can be vague and broadly interpreted, allowing authorities to target journalists, activists, or ordinary citizens who express dissenting views. This was seen in the U.S. under the Biden regime’s targeting of the so-called “disinformation dozen” who were removed from and demonetized across social media platforms. The Biden regime also crafted a “do not promote list” for books that discussed the topic of vaccination. The federal government coerced one of the biggest book distributors – Amazon – to restrict access to these books.

Authorities may selectively target journalists, human rights defenders, activists, or members of marginalized communities with harassment, intimidation, or legal threats. This creates a climate of fear and self-censorship, where individuals refrain from expressing dissenting opinions or advocating for social change. The UN can throttle internet speeds or block communication channels such as messaging apps or VoIP services during periods of unrest and uncertainty. This restricts the ability of individuals to communicate securely, share information, or coordinate protests or activism.

Like its predecessors, these UN-backed information control systems will be implemented without transparency or accountability, and there will be no due process for their targets. This lack of oversight allows those in power to manipulate information flows without public scrutiny, exacerbating the impact of censorship on democratic processes and civil liberties.

With this move, the UN and its military alliances are practically declaring war on the press, on research analysts, and on independent journalism.

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