Medical Tyranny Will Return If Rulers Declare Bird Flu a Pandemic


If the ruling class decides to declare the bird flu outbreak a pandemic, we can expect medical tyranny just like we did when they tried to convince people COVID was “deadly.” This time, it’ll be the same old nonsense with some new trick employed, and possibly, a real pathogen that could actually sicken a lot of people.

Even though there is no indication that the bird flu is being transmitted from person to person, the ruling class has decided to warn the public of medical tyranny should they decide that that’s the case.  “Experts” have started to warn that safety measures like masks, vaccines, and safety goggles will be needed (mandatory) if a pandemic is declared due to the virus’s deadly nature, according to a report by Forbes. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Forbes it’s monitoring human and animal exposure to H5N1 bird flu and watching the situation carefully, though “the current public health risk is low.”

If the current risk is low, why all the predictive programming about what’s going to happen in the event of a pandemic? Why is the risk also high at the same time?

Rulers “Warn” Bird Flu Pandemic Risk Is “High”

This kind of mixed messaging is the exact same thing that was done with the COVID scam. They started off slow, saying there was nothing to worry about, then ramped up the fear of getting a cold so people would line up for an mRNA injection they would have otherwise never agreed to. To pull the wool over the eyes of the masses once again, however, they will likely need something that people can visibly see is “deadly.”

Woman BANNED From ALL HOSPITALS In The UK For Proving Hospitals Are EMPTY

The virus may spread from animals to humans through airborne transmission and through contact with infected surfaces, Dr. Jessica Justman, an infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist at Columbia University, told Forbes, though the exact transmission process isn’t fully understood. –Forbes

If the transmission process isn’t fully understood, then how does the ruling class have “vaccines” ready to be used on the slave class once this is deemed a pandemic?

There are a lot of questions, and not too many answers right now. While there seems to be a slight lull in reporting on the bird flu, it could ramp up at any time. It isn’t likely that this will die down considering the vast efforts being made to create new injections.

Finland Will Offer Bird Flu “Vaccine” To Some People


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