Woman Shot And Killed By Boyfriend During Domestic Dispute In Gastonia

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A domestic dispute in Gastonia resulted in the fatal shooting of a woman by her boyfriend, marking the second deadly shooting in the area on Saturday.

GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA (3-minute read) — A tragic domestic dispute left one person dead in Gastonia on Saturday. Authorities from the Gastonia Police Department responded to a call at a residence on Dix Street, where a violent altercation between a woman and her boyfriend ended in fatal gunfire.

The boyfriend, identified as David V. McDowell III, allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend during the dispute. This incident marks the second deadly shooting in Gastonia on the same day. Earlier, another fatal shooting involving an officer occurred just blocks away from the scene on Dix Street.

Additionally, Gastonia officers were dispatched to Adams Avenue for a separate incident involving a man who sustained a gunshot wound to the face. The injured man was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

As of now, Gastonia Police Department detectives are working diligently to determine if there is any connection between the two shootings that rocked the community on Saturday. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are expected to emerge as the situation develops.

Domestic violence remains a critical issue, and incidents like these highlight the need for awareness and preventive measures. Communities must continue to support victims of domestic violence and promote resources for conflict resolution to prevent such devastating events.

Safety Tip: Always have an emergency plan in place if you find yourself in a potentially dangerous domestic situation. Knowing when and how to safely exit can save lives.

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