Woman Draws Gun And Fires At Suspect Attempting To Rob Her With BB Gun

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On January 27, 2024, Dothan Patrol Officers were called to a scene in the 2900 block of Ross Clark Circle due to a robbery and gunfire. The investigation revealed that the suspect, Bre’Yaun Vickers, had asked the victim for assistance with his phone before brandishing a firearm and demanding the victim’s belongings. In the altercation, Vickers forcefully took the victim’s purse.

The intended victim, legally armed, fired a shot at Vickers but missed. Vickers then fled, dropping the purse. Officers quickly located and apprehended Vickers, who initially reached for his pockets but complied with police commands.

Near the arrest site, officers found what appeared to be a firearm, later identified as a BB gun. Vickers was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery.

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