Relative Shot While Attempting Break-in


An Indianapolis home invasion forced a family to faceoff against a family member early Sunday morning, involving gunfire exchange with armed intruders. One suspect, a family member, was wounded during the incident.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (3-minute read) — At 4 a.m. on Sunday, Darrell Gibbs woke to gunfire outside his home on Denison Street, Indianapolis. Three masked men tried to break in by kicking his back door, but it held long enough to delay them.

His son engaged in a gunfire exchange with the intruders, wounding one.

Gibbs found the wounded man in the backyard, who turned out to be his nephew’s son, Matthew Kinniard II. Kinniard, 24, couldn’t feel his legs and asked Gibbs to call his relatives and 911.

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Despite the family connection, Gibbs showed no sympathy for Kinniard’s actions, emphasizing that such behavior is unacceptable, especially within the family.

Gibbs mentioned that the attackers might have been misled into believing there were valuables in his home, which wasn’t the case. Two other intruders escaped through a neighbor’s yard.

Gibbs’ son was questioned and released by the police. Kinniard, previously shot in 2020, remained hospitalized as of the article’s publication.

Safety Tip: Ensure your home is secured with strong locks and consider installing a security system. Responsible gun ownership includes knowing when and how to use your firearm in defense of your home.

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