MTJSBlog: Metmo Pocket Driver Portable Ratchet Screwdriver EDC Tool Review


When Metmo reached out about reviewing their Pocket Driver, it took me a while to accept their offer to test drive their product. On the surface, the Metmo Pocket Driver is an EDC tool, but without the foibles and downsides of many EDC widgets that try to do too many things at once. You know the types – the “It’s a prybar/screwdriver/whatever keychain widget” – they’re everywhere and they’re often in no way optimal tools.

Looking at the portability focused stuff like the Gerber Shard vs this Metmo Pocket Driver, it’s apples and oranges, so objectively I have to review it the way I would review a screwdriver – which I have never done before.

That said, I am not a builder, and when talking about long term tools, I am not sure if builders and professional craftsman would be the target demographic for the Metmo pocket driver.

Fundamentally, before I talk about the real world viability of this tool, I will preface the review by saying this is a flex for people who want an over engineered slab of metal that 100% functions as intended for a price.

Not directly knife related, though we certainly cover EDC items. In this case I also want to support the return of Thomas and Elise Xavier, proprietors of MoreThanJustSurviving.

Read the whole thing:

Metmo Pocket Driver Portable Ratchet Screwdriver EDC Tool Review




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