Facebook Marketplace Transaction Ends In Self-Defense Shooting


A Facebook Marketplace transaction in Southwest Florida turned violent when a buyer attempted to rob the seller, resulting in the buyer being shot and injured. The seller, acting in self-defense, will not face charges.

LEE COUNTY, FL (1-minute read) — A Facebook Marketplace transaction in Lee County, Florida, took an unexpected turn over the weekend, leaving one person injured. According to local authorities, the incident occurred at the intersection of Lee Boulevard and Gunnery Road.

Reports indicate that 19-year-old Jaylon Shaw connected with a seller on Facebook to arrange a purchase. Shaw arrived at the agreed-upon location for the transaction, but instead of a smooth exchange, events took a dangerous turn when Shaw allegedly attempted to rob the seller.

In response to the threat, the seller fired a shot, injuring Shaw as he tried to flee the scene. Despite the apparent robbery attempt, the seller has chosen not to press charges against Shaw.

The exact nature of Shaw’s injuries has not been disclosed, and Lee County deputies are continuing their investigation into the incident. The authorities have not provided additional details about the circumstances leading up to the shooting or the identities of those involved.

Ensuring that one is adequately prepared and aware of the legal implications of using a firearm for self-defense is vital. Responsible firearm ownership can prevent tragic outcomes and ensure that self-defense actions are justified and lawful.

Safety Tip: Always conduct transactions in public, well-lit areas, and consider meeting in designated exchange zones provided by local law enforcement to enhance safety during online marketplace transactions.

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