A Self-Defense Case (Investigation Ongoing)


A Caldwell County shooting is under investigation after a man was shot multiple times in a potential self-defense case. Deputies are questioning a woman who may have acted in response to a forced entry.

LENOIR, NC (6-minute read) — The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a shooting incident that occurred Thursday afternoon at a residence along Carrie Place, west of Lenoir. Deputies reported that a man, identified as Kyle Caudill, was shot multiple times and succumbed to his injuries. The case is being looked at as a possible act of self-defense.

Deputies discovered signs of forced entry at the scene, which aligns with a previous trespassing complaint involving the same individual. They are questioning a woman who was present during the shooting. Preliminary evidence suggests that the woman may have acted in self-defense, fearing for her safety after Caudill forcibly entered her home.

Neighbors in the rural area of Caldwell County expressed their support for the woman’s right to defend herself. They noted the isolation of the area, which can delay law enforcement response times.

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Authorities have recovered the handgun used in the incident and continue to conduct interviews with those present at the time of the shooting. The district attorney will be consulted early next week to determine the next steps in the investigation.

Safety Tip: Always ensure your firearms are securely stored and only accessible to those who are trained and authorized to use them. Understanding your local laws on self-defense and firearm use is crucial for responsible gun ownership.

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