NWTF Wild Turkey License Plate on the Horizon for Massachusetts Residents


EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The Massachusetts NWTF State Chapter is accepting applications for the new NWTF-Massachusetts license plate that will be available at all Registry of Motor Vehicle locations once the state chapter has secured 750 applications. Once fully established at the RMV, the new license plate fund will provide a dedicated funding stream for the nonprofit conservation organization to deliver its mission into perpetuity, specifically within the confines of the Bay State. Mission delivery may include such tasks as working alongside state agencies to increase habitat for wildlife, acquiring more land for public recreation, providing education and outreach events for the public and bolstering the NWTF’s ongoing efforts with conservation organizations within Massachusetts.

“Since 2019, the Massachusetts NWTF State Chapter has been working closely with the RMV to develop a Massachusetts wild turkey license plate,” said Joe Judd, NWTF Massachusetts volunteer. “The new license plate is emblazed with the Eastern wild turkey—the subspecies that graces every corner of Massachusetts—and will hopefully be supported by sportsmen and women, conservationists and Massachusetts residents who love having wild turkeys and healthy habitats in our state.”

The initial cost of the license plate will be a $40 special plate fee; the Massachusetts NWTF State Chapter will retain $28 of this amount. When an applicant’s plates are ready, a $20 swap fee will also be required. Applicants will be notified by the RMV when their plates have shipped. However, plates will only be produced once the NWTF has 750 reserved, ordered and paid for.

Currently, the Massachusetts NWTF State Chapter is accepting requests for specific two-digit and three-digit numbers for the first 750 plates, though specific numbers cannot be guaranteed.

To acquire the new NWTF Massachusetts license plate, contact Joe Judd at [email protected] or Keith Fritze at [email protected]. Please specify if you would like a specific two-digit or three-digit number.

License plate funds have bolstered the NWTF’s conservation efforts in multiple states where NWTF-branded state license plates exist. For instance, the Alabama NWTF State Chapter added $197,000 to its annual projects through its specialty NWTF-Alabama license plate sales.

“The establishment of a perennial funding stream for our work in Massachusetts will be paradigm-shifting,” said Matt DiBona, NWTF New England district biologist. “This will allow us to match our funds with our partners at unprecedented levels and ultimately make an impact on our natural resources and conserve vital habitats in Massachusetts. We look forward to seeing the efforts of our dedicated volunteers—who spearheaded this entire effort—come to fruition, and not to mention, the plates look great!”

About the National Wild Turkey Federation
Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested over half a billion dollars into wildlife conservation and has positively impacted over 23 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The NWTF has also invested over $9 million into wild turkey research to guide the management of the wild turkey population and to ensure sustainable populations into perpetuity. The organization continues to deliver its mission by working across boundaries on a landscape scale through its Four Shared Values: clean and abundant water, healthy forests and wildlife habitat, resilient communities and robust recreational opportunities. With the help of its dedicated members, partners and staff, the NWTF continues its work to provide Healthy Habitats. and Healthy Harvests. for future generations.

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