Nemo Knives Review: Böker “Vigtig vs. Wild” in CPM Magnacut – The Bushcraft Supreme EDC


I got a passion for short fixed blades EDC. And they are hard to find.

I was lurking at the new Pocket Tango with its magnetic sheath but my first intention was to buy a Lulu from KNAFS. Until I have found it was a not true scandi with its microbevel because they have found that Magnacut was chipping with there grind.
At least they were honest to announced it but for the price I have found my Wolfspyder was doing the same job in a folding package.

So I wanted a robust small fixed blade which was bringing new option compared to a folding knife: lateral strength for example and by looking around all the new Magnacut fixed blades made in Italy, I have found one which was made in Solingen…. Germany !
And for less than half the price than the beautiful little Lulu.

I have found it has been designed for a TV game and for German Youtubers who are filmed while surviving in Canada.

It seems a bit large for EDC fixed blade carry, but your milage may vary.

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Böker “Vigtig vs. Wild” in CPM Magnacut – The Bushcraft Supreme EDC designed by David Wenger.

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