KnifeNews: Artisan to Produce Second Triple Stripe Knives Collab


Tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S., and that means all sorts of celebrations and activities for most folks. This year it also means the release of the latest model from Artisan Cutlery, the Prime. This straightforward, high performance user from young knife maker and returning collaborator Johnathan Shaw.

Some high-end knives are made for collectors, others for work; the Prime seems aimed at the latter category. Its 3-inch modified sheepsfoot blade is well-sized and -shaped for day-to-day tasks. It’s made from S90V, a premium super steel that remains an imposing presence in the metallurgical world even after years of service and the advent of newer stuff. S90V’s edge retention is very high, and it is no slouch in terms of corrosion resistance either. In role here on the Prime, as an EDC steel, it should deliver many, many days of reliable performance before any extended maintenance is necessary.

I like this blade shape.  One of the better Artisan knives I have seen lately.

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