KnifeNews: Work Sharp Refines Ken Onion Sharpener for New for 2024 Mk. 2 Model

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This week saw Work Sharp release an overhauled version of their popular Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener. The Mk. 2 brings lots of adjustments, big and small, to the blueprint established by the proven original.

As befits a tool made in partnership with one of the world’s most high profile custom knife makers, the Onion Mk. 2 is designed to be an enthusiast-approved take on the electric, compact, tabletop belt-sharpener concept – a genre of sharpener that Work Sharp has always shown an interest in. Like its predecessor, the Onion Mk. 2 comes in two different product tiers, standard and elite; both versions come with the core motorized sharpening system, to which many notable changes have been made.

I am of two minds on this system. I need to disclose that I haven’t used the Ken Onion version, but I have experience with the Knife and Tool Sharpener Mk 2. I have found it overkill for most light use, and not quite stout enough for actually grinding. I know that the Onion is much more powerful, and has available grinding guides, but I feel like at $300, you are already a good way towards an actual grinder.

That said, it does do a great job once you learn how to use it.


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Work Sharp Refines Ken Onion Sharpener for New for 2024 Mk. 2 Model



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