KnifeNews: Bestechman Line Getting New Cicada’s Wing Folder


Bestechman, Bestech’s newish entry-level sub-label, has revealed the next folding knife that will be joining their small but growing lineup. The Cicada’s Wing brings bright colors and bold lines to its target EDC genre.

What’s popular in terms of blade size varies year by year, but, when it comes to the EDC genre specifically, designers seem to have been favoring stuff around that 3-inch mark recently. Which makes perfect sense when you’re talking about an EDC knife in particular, because part of the job description is being ready for a vertical slice of tasks, some big, some small, that crop up in day-to-day life; a blade length that allows for both to some degree seems like a good spot to land on.

I admit that I still need to solidify my contacts at Bestech. They are making waves, and I am not 100% familiar with their lineup.

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Bestechman Line Getting New Cicada’s Wing Folder Soon


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