KnifeNews: Poltergeist Works Doubles Down on Integral Design with Sylph

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Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works and Real Steel Knives are back together again, readying an upcoming model called the Sylph. Although aimed at the sub-$100 knife market, the Sylph manages to incorporate a ‘dual layer integral’ construction into its design.

Before we get to that dual integral handle, let’s take a look at the hardest working part of the Sylph’s design, which is, of course, its blade. It lands right in the “EDC Zone” for most, with its blade length of 3.15 inches; and Wieczorkiewicz’s waspish, straightspined drop point looks ready for daily cutter duties like slicing up food, opening the occasional box, and puncturing plastic packaging.

I unfortunately have zero experience with Poltergeist. I would like to change that.

Integrals are cool. They are more expensive, but invariably a cool piece of machining.

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Poltergeist Works Doubles Down on Integral Design with Sylph

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