WarBird Protection and USCCA Become Partners In Protection


Exciting news in the world of firearm safety and preparedness: USCCA and WarBird have joined forces to revolutionize training and protection for responsible gun owners. With USCCA’s renowned expertise in education and community support, combined with WarBird Pro’s cutting-edge technology and innovation in personal protection, this partnership aims to empower individuals with comprehensive tools and knowledge. Together, they strive to enhance safety, proficiency, and confidence among firearm enthusiasts nationwide. Stay tuned as USCCA and WarBird redefine what it means to be prepared and proficient in firearm handling and safety.

“WarBird is excited and honored to partner with USCCA,” said Matt Davis, Founder/ CEO at WarBird. “USCCA has shown extreme dedication to protection and training over the years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to officially partner with their great organization.”

For more information about concealed carry gun laws and how USCCA is here to protect you, download the FREE 2024 Gun Law Map.

For more information WarBird’s full line of soft body armor, eye protection and ear protection, please visit www.warbirdpro.com.

About WarBird Protection Group, Inc.

Our commitment is to empower individuals with equipment that preserves and enhances their world—driven by a passion for innovation, unwavering quality, and with a deep respect for safety and style.

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