Garmin unveils Alpha LTE: Cellular-based dog tracking integration


Provides seamless LTE dog tracking on mobile devices and is compatible Garmin VHF tracking systems

OLATHE, Kan./June 27, 2024– Garmin (NYSE: GRMN) today announced the Alpha® LTE is expanding coverage to North America. The small, rugged device attaches to existing dog collars and pairs with the Alpha app, so users can view their dog’s movements directly from a compatible mobile device1. Customers who want additional tracking capabilities can pair Alpha LTE with their compatible Garmin dog tracking handheld for simultaneous LTE and traditional VHF tracking, providing a seamlessly integrated experience.

Garmin sporting dog products are globally recognized as a premier choice for hunters and their canine companions, and Alpha LTE is an ideal solution for outdoorspeople who want Garmin’s dog tracking reliability in a cellular based solution. Whether using as a standalone tracking device or in conjunction with an existing Garmin dog tracking system, customers can be confident knowing they have Garmin’s best solution for tracking their dog in challenging environments,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales

Compact and user friendly

Alpha LTE easily pairs to the Alpha app on a compatible mobile device for comprehensive dog tracking where LTE service is available. Measuring 70mm x 35.8mm x 30.7mm, the device weighs only 50 grams and attaches to existing dog collars up to 1” in width. Users can stay on the hunt for up to 18 hours thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. For longer hunts or when charging isn’t available daily, users can adjust the device update rate to extend battery life to 75 hours. And, thanks to the use of multi-GNSS, Alpha LTE provides users with improved navigation satellite reception capability in challenging conditions.

Seamless smartphone connectivity

The Alpha companion app provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive dog tracking experience via a smartphone. The mapping feature in the Alpha app helps users understand the terrain while viewing their dog’s location in real time. Customers can use the app to mark waypoints and locations, such as stands, cameras, game signs, trails and game sightings.

Integrated tracking experience

Thanks to the compatibility with Garmin VHF dog tracking systems, like Alpha 300i and TT 25, when hunting in difficult topography where line of sight is limited, Alpha LTE can act as a redundancy system for supplementary tracking points2. Users will see VHF and Alpha LTE track points seamlessly integrated on their handheld device

thanks to Garmin “smart switching” technology which automatically changes between LTE and VHF to provide the most complete tracking experience available for each hunt location.

The dog device also has multicolor LED beacon lights that can be remotely activated from the user’s mobile device to keep track of their dog in low light conditions, distinguish between dogs at a glance and help make a dog more visible if the dog wanders near a road. Should a dog become lost the Alpha LTE device has rescue mode which, when enabled prior to a hunt, automatically extends the battery life of the dog tracking collar to allow for more time to locate the dog by reducing the frequency of tracking updates.

Alpha LTE is Bluetooth® and ANT® enabled, allowing for wireless software updates and collar configuration directly between the dog device and the Alpha app.

Available now, the Alpha LTE series has a suggested retail price of $299.99 with LTE service plans sold separately. To learn more, visit

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1 Active subscription required.

2 LTE devices sold separately

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