Watchtower APACHE: An Uncompromising Double-Stack 1911

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The double-stack 1911 continues its ascent in the handgun marketplace. Once seen too finicky for mass production, modern manufacturing and shooter demand converged enough to where more manufacturers seemingly each year enter into the fray. The Watchtower APACHE becomes the latest, bringing a high-end, performance-based pistol for competition and defense.

Watchtower APACHE Details

Watchtower itself represents a re-imagination of a gun company. A new veteran-led team acquired F1-Firearms, and the influence of the new blood has been immediate. And the company makes no mistake about claims on all its platforms, including the new APACHE; it promises “unparalleled performance and unwavering durability.”

“We are thrilled to bring the APACHE 1911 to the market. This pistol is the culmination of our commitment to excellence in firearm engineering. It’s designed for shooters who refuse to compromise on performance and precision,” said Jason Colosky, CEO, WATCHTOWER Firearms.

The APACHE follows the previous limited-edition PewView APACHE. The new variant builds off a precision-machined, pre-hardened 4140 and 416R stainless steel frame. It features a 4.25-inch slide, 3- to 4-pound match-grade trigger, ambidextrous safety, integrated compensator, and Clark/Para Ramped 416R Threaded Barrel. Deep slide serrations and a .75-inch compensator port deliver a striking appearance and performance upgrades. A wide grip and double-stack magazine round out the package.

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Watchtower APACHE Features & Specs

  • Integrated Compensator: Ensuring steady and on-target shots.
  • Ambidextrous Safety: Providing ease of use for all shooters.
  • 3-4-pound Match-Grade Trigger: Delivering a crisp, clean break every time.
  • 4.6-inch Clark/Para Ramped 416R Threaded Barrel: Offering maximum accuracy and customization options.
  • Tool-Less Recoil System: Simplifying maintenance and guaranteeing lasting performance.
  • Deep Slide Serrations with a .75-inch Compensator Port: Improve grip and minimize muzzle flip for rapid, precise follow-up shots.

Editor’s Take

Once a unicorn, the double-stack 1911 is really flying high these days. And that’s a great thing for competition shooters or anyone who appreciates the 1911 form, but prefers 9mm and more of it. But a truly good 2011 or double-stack 1911 boils down to the shooting. Reliability and performance are paramount when shooting for points, but obviously inherently more so when carrying for duty or defense. We will absolutely get an APACHE in soon for testing. And we can’t wait.

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