The Top Five Reasons to Attend SHOT Show

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So you are an avid firearms enthusiast, and you can’t decide if you should attend SHOT Show this year? No need to stress over it. We have five great reasons why you’ll be packing your bags for Sin City next January. Every year from across the globe, gun owners and enthusiasts from the industry all converge in Las Vegas to attend the firearms industry’s biggest event, and here are a few great reasons why.

SHOT SHOW has Guns

Seeing how it’s the industry’s largest event, it goes without saying that most people attend to catch the latest and greatest firearms in the business. Rifles chambered in exotic calibers, pistol collabs between the hottest shooters and top-tier brands, and, of course, lever actions. That’s right, the old West guns are back in vogue, and there were plenty on display from every major manufacturer for you to drool over.

(Photo by Skillset Staff)

The Gear is On-Point

One of the best reasons to attend SHOT Show? The gear. Need a new case to carry your shiny new sidearm to the range? It’s not a problem; there are plenty to choose from here. What about Night Vision for the range or the home? Yup, SHOT Show has that too. Training tools, simulators, and even Virtual Reality systems flood the expo floor to help make you a more proficient shooter and marksman. Yes, there are plenty of apparel options to ensure you look your best out in the wild or shoot a match at your local range this weekend.

Being able to get your hands on exclusive SWAG is one of the coolest perks about SHOT Show.
(Photo by Skillset Staff)

Stuff We All Get

Ah, yes, the free stuff. I don’t know any red-blooded American who snubbs their nose at free merch, especially when it comes to free-gun stuff. Many companies pride themselves on having unique and desirable SWAG when the SHOT Show rolls around. Here, you’ll find exclusive patches, stickers, tumblers, koozies, and even Kydex Tobassco holders. Nothing is too extreme or bizarre for the world’s wildest bunch of firearms showgoers; after all, they are firearms industry people.

Industry Networking

Think of SHOT Show as the golf course of the gun industry. Whether you plan on being a professional and talking shop on the show floor or screaming over each other at one of the many industry-hosted parties, relationships are strengthened, and deals are made. Salespeople, marketing directors, and yes, even CEOs are all present here; this can be great if you’re a writer or range owner; it could also be bad if you’re a fall-down drunk. Like on the golf course, moderation is the difference between closing the deal or crashing the cart.

The people at SHOT are without a doubt the coolest part of the show.
(Photo by Skillset Staff)

The Best People in the World

Aside from seeing all the endless new items on display inside the expo center at SHOT Show, you have unlimited access to some of the best minds in the business. Almost every booth has a seasoned professional in the industry waiting with a big smile for you to pick their brains about their product. Just don’t wait until day four to start a lengthy conversation about when the new products will hit retailer shelves; nobody likes that guy.

Oftentimes, your favorite competitive shooter or social media personality is eagerly waiting for you to approach them. Be bold. Ask them for a photo or autograph. After all, they’ve worked hard to get where they’re at, and you’ll never be that cool.

How To Attend SHOT Show

No. Shot Show is not open to the public. Despite what you’ve seen on social media, it is an industry-only show. The only way to attend at this time is to be involved in the 2A community in some capacity. So, what can you do to participate next year? Here are a few tips to help get you started on your way:

Become a YouTuber
Design a new groundbreaking firearms-related item
Gun bunny
Start up a firearms blog
Start competitive shooting
Get a job at a gun store
Become a Hollywood celebrity
Apply for a security job at The Las Vegas Convention Center in 2025

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