The Ruger LC Carbine Now Packs .45 ACP Punch!

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Straight out of SHOT Show, Ruger brings some big news for fans of its LC Carbine platform. The compact pistol caliber carbine now adds a new option chambered in .45 ACP, bringing even more versatility and pistol compatibility potential for those carrying a pistol in .45 Auto.

Ruger LC Carbine .45 ACP Details

The new variant comes with a 16.25-inch threaded barrel, adjustable folding stock, Ruger Rapid Deploy folding sights and ambidextrous controls. The .45 version includes an updated right- and left-handed bolt release, octagonal handguard and reversible magazine release.

Now here’s one of the big items: the platform accepts Glock-pattern full-size magazines. That’s a great move, building a PCC to accommodate what is still an exceedingly popular platform. This one should be a winner, retailing for $1,009. For more info, visit

Ruger LC Carbine Specs

  • Caliber: .45 Auto
  • Overall Capacity: 13+1
  • Barrel Length: 16.25 inches
  • Stock: Folding, Adjustable Length of Pull
  • Overall Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Barrel Feature: Threaded, Alloy Steel
  • Sights: Adjustable Ruger Rapid Deploy
  • Length of Pull: 12.6 – 14.6 inches
  • Thread Pattern: .578″-28
  • Receiver Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Receiver finish: Type III Hard-Coat Anodized
  • Twist: 1:16″ RH
  • Grooves: 6
  • MSRP: $1,009

On August 29, 2022, Ballistic reported:

The new Ruger LC Carbine comes chambered in 5.7x28mm.

Big news out of Ruger today. The company just announced the launch of the Ruger LC Carbine. Utilizing Ruger-5.7 pistol mags, the carbine packs up to 20+1 rounds of the wonderfully tame 5.7x28mm cartridge. For defense or range use, this one will surely prove an absolute shooting machine.

Ruger LC Carbine 5.7x28mm Details

The carbine features a bolt-over-barrel design. The design put the feeding through the grip, providing a compact, lightweight setup. It sports a 16.25-inch barrel and a reversible, side-folding stock. So it really brings all these compact-driven components into a smart package. The unit also includes Picatinny rail-mounted stocks for attaching an assortment of gear. Rapid Deploy adjustable sights fold away as backup for an optic.

For Ruger pistol fans, the LC Carbine accets Ruger-5.7 magazines. The commonality enables shooters to run a carbine and pistol together, all with the same magazine on the belt. And both pistol and carbine will benefit from the soft-shooting 5.7x28mm cartridge. Inside, Ruger’s Secure Action fire-control mechanism combines a protected internal hammer with a bladed-safety trigger. According to Ruger, it delivers a short, smooth break and positive reset. Meanwhile, the fluted, nitride-coated barrel should deliver accuracy while limiting weight. It accepts a host of standard muzzle accessories.

“I can’t describe how ergonomic the LC Carbine feels in your hands,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger President and CEO. “You have to experience it on the range to really appreciate how it balances and moves. The controls are intuitive and conveniently located, and the lack of felt recoil makes it hard to put down.”

The Ruger LC Carbine features Picatinny rails and an adjustable stock.

The Ruger LC Carbine retails for $979. For even more info, please visit

Ruger LC Carbine Features

  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Overall Capacity: 20+1
  • Overall Length: 28.7-30.6 inches
  • Length of Pull: 12.5-14.5 inches
  • Twist: 1:9″ RH
  • Barrel Length: 16.25 inches
  • Barrel Feature: Fluted, Black Nitride
  • Thread Pattern: 1/2″-28
  • Receiver Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Grooves: 8
  • Stock: Folding, Adjustable
  • Sights: Adjustable Ruger Rapid Deploy
  • Receiver Finish: Type III Hard-Coat Anodized
  • MSRP: $979
The Ruger LC Carbine's folded stock design makes it a great truck or pack gun.

Editor’s Take:

What a smart choice from Ruger! The 5.7x28mm keeps gaining popularity. Pairing with Ruger-5.7 pistol line delivers that mag commonality some shooter really like to utilize. But all by itself, the LC Carbine brings in some really cool design features, creating an awesome truck or pack gun for outdoors enthusiasts. For general plinking, you get near .22 LR recoil, but with much greater performance. We expect this one to really sell. Look for a full range review coming soon from Athlon Outdoors.

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