Rugged Suppressors Razor 556 Review: Speak Softly, Big Stick

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The AR-15 has gotten quite a lot of attention in the past few years. That attention, whether it be negative or positive, has proven to turn the platform into America’s rifle. As a result, there is a litany of aftermarket accessories available for the platform. However, the suppressor ranks high on the list when it comes to enhancing the overall shooting experience. For this reason, companies such as Rugged Suppressors continually strive to provide us with excellent options like the Razor 556.

The Rugged Suppressors Razor 556

Seeing that I am just a big old American winning machine, the AR-15 is my favorite platform as well. I love everything about them. Building them, customizing them, and, most of all, shooting them.

As I evolved in the world of firearms, I have really come to love suppressors. I normally throw one of my multicaliber cans on the front of an AR and call it a day. It works, not great, but it does tone them down a little when compared to shooting the rifle non-suppressed.

However, a multicaliber can just seems to lack a little when it comes to keeping things hearing safe.

After visiting the Rugged Suppressors booth at the 2023 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous event, my opinion changed when I was introduced to the new Razor 556 suppressor. I immediately knew I had to have one.

Built To Withstand the Rigors of Full Auto Abuse

The Rugged Suppressors Razor 556 is designed and built to be used on the AR-15 platform. Specifically, it is a dedicated can with the goal of taming the 556 rounds. The Razor 556 suppressor has decreased blowback, recoil, and flash mitigation.

All this while weighing in at only 13.4 oz and standing only 6.4 inches long with a tube diameter of only 1.5 inches. In other words, this thing just works perfectly on an AR-15.

The can is rugged but still looks great, with some machining marks that act as serrations at the base.

The Razor 556 is machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel bar stock. It is then heat-treated for strength and durability and coated in a matte black Cerakote finish. Additionally, the can features six cobalt baffles that are full-circumference welded to aid in heat dispersion and abrasion resistance.

The Razor 556, like all the Rugged Suppressors, lives up to the company’s name by being machined from top-of-the-line materials. As a result, it not only lasts a lifetime but withstands any rate of fire—including full auto belt-fed abuse—with no barrel length restrictions.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can run this can on your 10-inch pistols and your 16-inch rifles with no issues.

Installing the Suppressor

The can is rugged but still looks great, with some machining marks that act as serrations at the base. This assists the user with getting a good grip on the suppressor while installing or removing the can.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the Dual Taper Mount system that the company came up with.

The markings are strategically placed over the thickest welded cross-section area towards the top of the suppressor tube. So, if anything happens, the serialized part can easily be swapped out by Rugged and welded to a new can, thanks to their lifetime warranty.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the Dual Taper Mount system that Rugged Suppressors came up with. The included 1/2×28 M2 muzzle brake’s first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up with the suppressor. This ensures a guaranteed return to zero and keeps your threads carbon-free while shooting.

The included 1/2x28 M2 muzzle break’s first taper creates a gas seal and concentric lock up with the can.

The rear taper creates a friction lock to keep your suppressor where it should be on your rifle. The No Go/Go Gauge will give you peace of mind and confirmation that your suppressor is properly attached. Thus preventing you from having to chase it downrange.

Running the Razor 556

Using the Razor 556 is very easy. You simply screw the muzzle brake onto your host gun and torque it down. Then screw the Razor 556 onto the muzzle brake and lock it down with the collar.

When you want to remove it, twist the collar to unlock it, then unscrew the can. It is that easy. And no matter how much shooting I did, the threads were still clean, and the can went on and off with ease.

The suppressor is lightweight and honestly barely noticeable on the front of my rifle. So, I decided to pair it with my Watchtower Firearms Type 15 rifle, and it just looks and feels right.

The author appreciates the aesthetic that the Rugged Suppressors Razor 556 adds to his Watchtower Type 15.

Shooting the Razor 556 creates a very enjoyable range session for everyone. It tones down the 556 while reducing felt recoil. You get a nice low tone while shooting the can on a 16-inch barrel.

Likewise, it features a decibel rating from the factory of 132 dB at the shooter’s ears. It is not the quietest suppressor on the market. However, it does create a much more enjoyable shooting experience with or without ear pro on.

Testing for Accuracy Degradation

I did some accuracy testing with the Watchtower Type 15 to see if the addition of the Razor 556 affected zero at all. With my Eotech EXPS3 sighted in at 50 yards, I shot five rounds unsuppressed and then five rounds suppressed. This was specifically to see if there was any point of impact shifting.

I noticed around a 1-inch drop from unsuppressed to suppressed, which I am perfectly fine with. I was still achieving the same groups but just a tiny bit of drop. No jumping around or anything like I have seen with some suppressors previously.

While shooting, I didn’t experience any discomfort as far as gasses in my face or sound. If you have ever shot a suppressed 556, you know that gases can become a big issue.

The Razor 556 has a large expansion chamber right before that first baffle. As a result, I think this helps with the gas blowing back in the shooter’s face. The baffle design also aids in that gas issue as well.

The Rugged Suppressors Razor 556 has decreased blowback, recoil, and flash mitigation.

Final Thoughts

As an avid AR shooter who loves shooting suppressed, the Razor 556 was very impressive as a dedicated AR-15 suppressor. It toned the rifle down enough that I could comfortably shoot all day. Likewise, it handles the gas perfectly, doesn’t affect the point of impact much, and looks fantastic on my rifle.

The best part is, with an MSRP of only $799, even with a tax stamp, you will be under $1000 when it is all said and done. If you need a dedicated AR-15 suppressor, I highly recommend checking out the Rugged Suppressors Razor 556.

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