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Not too long ago, XS Sights launched a premium sight-pushing tool specifically designed to work with Glock pistol slides: the XS Sights Gunsmith Series Inline Sight Pusher. The Gunsmith Series tool is the top-of-the-line model and is meant for both professional end-users and “prosumers” and serious hobbyists. I recently used one of these pushers to install XS Sights’ new Fiber-Optic Glock Sight sets on the slide of my Glock 34 in minutes, and it was nice to perform this task without a punch, hammer or vise. 

XS Sights Gunsmith Series Sight Pusher Overview 

The Gunsmith Series Inline Sight Pusher consists of five major parts and two minor parts. This includes its base, a combination front sight tool/handle, a plastic wedge, the 1/16-inch threaded push screw, the brass push bit, a hex nut and a setscrew for the brass bit. The biggest piece in the kit is obviously the base, which is precision machined from aluminum. XS Sights also laser-etched its logo on one side of the base. On the other side, one will find a beautiful laser-etched profile of the Lone Star State along with a QR code for instructions for using the sight pusher. The far side of the base that cradles the slide has a groove cut into it that acts as a track for the plastic wedge so that it can firmly snug up against a pistol slide and stay put. 

The Gunsmith Series Inline Sight Pusher handle serves two distinct functions. First, it slips into a slot with a push-screw in order to provide torque and leverage when drifting rear sights into dovetails. Second, the handle doubles as a full-size Glock front sight screwdriver. Its grip is knurled and the tip even features an integrated magnet to hold the front sight screw securely. To help keep the handle in place while drifting sights, the end of the push-screw where its slot is found is also magnetized to ensure the shaft of the handle does not slip as the user is turning it. A brass pusher sits directly on the other end of the push-screw screw and this is the bit that actually drifts the sight across the dovetail. Because brass is softer, it will not mar nor scratch either the rear sight or slide. The top surface of the pusher is calibrated with 1/16-inch markings that correspond to the same thread pitch on the push-screw. According to XS Sights, 1.5 rotations translates into drifting the rear 1/16-inch. This means that six full turns would equal a ¼ MOA shift. These markings add a level of convenience when trying to precisely center a newly installed sight for mechanical zero or correcting for windage.

A picture (or a video in this case) is truly worth one thousand words, and I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to watch the instructional video on how to best use this sight pusher before tackling a sight swap on your Glock.

The Takeaway

The XS Sights Gunsmith Series Inline Sight Pusher is a simple but cleverly designed solution for installing or drifting rear sights. While this inline sight pusher works with all Glock slides across every generation, it will only work with rear sights whose edges are squared. Naturally, the tool is compatible with Glock sights sold by XS Sights, but it will also work for other squared-off sights. Any Glock rear sights that are angled like the letter “A”, of which there are plenty, are not compatible with this pusher due to the brass tip’s design, which is squared off against the whole side of a sight and wouldn’t be able to make the correct contact with an angled surface. That said, the Gunsmith Series pusher is compatible with both standard and suppressor-height sights and whether the Glock slide is standard or MOS/Optics cut is immaterial. For a simple “prosumer/professional” grade tool, the thought and attention to detail is appreciated. XS Sights is also thoughtful beyond the product itself and includes some extra details like threadlocker and oil for the push-screw. After looking over the tool as a whole and seeing how it works and how it’s made, I do think it would be fantastic if the company could offer other separate brass pushers and shims to drift sights on slides other than those from Glocks. 

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