Huxwrx Ventum 762: Hub-Compatible Flow-Through Suppressor

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One of my favorite things about being in the outdoor industry is media events. I love seeing new products before companies release them to the public. Even cooler, companies sometimes ask for my thoughts on a product as a shooter. One of those events that I always look forward to is the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. Some of my favorite items I saw this year at the event were suppressors. There were lots and lots of suppressors threaded onto the end of new guns at most booths, but one can really stood out to me as something special. That can was the Huxwrx Ventum 762. Normally I don’t really get that excited about another multi-cal suppressor, but there was just something a little different about this can that got me excited. 

Huxwrx Ventum 762

Part of it was that it was from a company I really wasn’t very familiar with, but the main thing was the design. The Ventum 762 represents true evolution at its finest thanks to the Flow-Through technology that Huxwrx took to the next level. Strategically named for its function, this new Huxwrx suppressor makes 5.56, 6.5 and 7.62 calibers a breeze. The Ventum 762 comes full-auto rated and direct-thread-ready with a 5/8×24 thread pitch. This multi-caliber suppressor is versatile with a detachable GeoFlash end cap and comes ready to accept universal HUB and Stiction mounting systems. The universal HUB mounting system will allow adapters such as Xeno, KeyMo, and ASR, as well as a handful of other mounting systems currently on the market.

The Ventum works on pretty much any platform, ideal for bolt guns, lever actions, centerfire, submachine gun, bullpup and AK platforms. It features a removable 3D-printed Grade 5 Titanium core and a 17-4 stainless steel suppressor housing. The 3D-printed design makes the Ventum 762 easily serviceable with a completely removable grade-5 titanium internal core specially designed to create true flow-through. The core, wrapped in a 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel outer tube, comes coated nitride black for durability and longevity.

Redirecting Gas

This technology cycles and redirects expanding gases in a helical pattern away from the bore-line, through the front of the suppressor, and away from the shooter’s face, eyes, and lungs. The true flow-through design aids in moving the toxic fumes and gasses back through the can and then out the front vents in the end cap to help mitigate the amount of gas and fumes the shooter experiences in their face while shooting. This design also helps improve sound performance and provides excellent repeatability while shooting on any platform. Running the Ventum 762 on gas guns, there is virtually no need to adjust your gas system for the gun to run properly thanks to that flow-through design and most of the gas escaping out of the front of the can, making the gun act as if it is not running suppressed. 

On the range the can was incredible. We ran it on a lever gun chambered in .44 Magnum as well as on the front of an AR-15 chambered in 5.56. Even though those guns were run very hard out on the Rendezvous range, the guns ran incredibly well and the flow-through design was an absolute hit with every shooter who had been shooting ARs all day and eating tons of nasty gas. I personally didn’t want to stop shooting the AR with the Ventum on it.

On the Range

With my own Ventum now in my inventory back at home, I threaded it on my Aero Precision AR-10 and have never looked back. No, it is not the quietest can on the market; however, it is sized well at only 6.7 inches in length. With a diameter of 1.8 inches, it is a little thicker than some of the competitors, but that extra girth allows the flow-through design to work, so personally I think it is worth it. The Ventum 762 weighs 14.5 ounces, which really isn’t terrible for a multi-caliber suppressor. For some reason this suppressor just has a very well-made quality feel to it.

It is hard to explain, but the can kind of screams quality. You just want to run it as hard as you possibly can, let it cool off, and then do it all over again. It just has that workhorse look and feel. It ran flawlessly on my Aero Precision AR-10 chambered in .308. The design allowed for fast shooting with virtually no gas blowing back in my face and burning my eyes, and on a big heavy gun like the Aero, it balances everything out very well. Shooting regular .308 target loads, the Ventum toned the gun down a bit, but I would say it was hardly hearing safe.

Final Shots

With that being said, the Ventum 762 from Huxwrx is definitely a great suppressor to redirect gases and fumes away from the shooter and help mitigate recoil on most platforms. However, if you are someone who wants the absolute quietest can on the market, I probably would say to look elsewhere. If you are like me though and want a suppressor that can be beaten up repeatedly and improve the longevity of your firearm, then look no further than the Huxwrx Ventum 762.

Thge Huxwrx Ventum 762 retails for $996. For more info, visit

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