Hang Tuff Splatter Pack Kit

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Throom Targets is now selling a multi-target package called the Hang Tuff Splatter Pack Kit. Steel targets of all shapes and sizes are very popular for both competitive and recreational shooting. However, target-grade steel can be very heavy and expensive, while also presenting some safety challenges. The biggest safety risk with steel is the possibility of bullet or jacket ricochets flying back and striking the shooter or other bystanders present at the range. As a result, shooters like to set up steel with enough distance between themselves and these steel targets in order to reduce the chances of being struck by ricocheting bullet particles.

Throom Targets decided to address this by selling reactive targets made from a patented rubber compound it calls “Shoot-Throo”. The rubber compound in Shoot-Throo not only flops around when struck, but also lets each bullet completely pass it and strike the range’s backstop instead. This way, targets made from Throom’s specialized rubber compound significantly mitigate the risk of ricochet. And, once a bullet has penetrated the strike area of a Throom Target, the elastic Shoot-Throo material is also designed to shrink back up and heal, so the targets can last a long time. For example, with most FMJ handgun rounds, impacts look like small pin holes and nothing else.  Because the chance of dangerous ricochets is significantly reduced, shooters can also place these targets closer in than they could safely do so with steel targets which might be helpful if space on the range is limited.

The Throom Hang Tuff Splatter Pack Kit is made up of:

  • Three 3-inch HangTuff targets
  • Three 6-inch HangTuff targets
  • Five sheets of 6-inch splatter stickers
  • Five sheets of 3-inch splatter stickers

Visit throomtargets.com for more information on the Hang Tuff Splatter Pack Kit or other products from Throom.

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