Good Gear: The Best Women’s Range Shoes From 5.11 Tactical


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Since joining the firearm community, I have learned that one of the most important apparel items you can wear to the gun range is footwear. Wearing the proper shoes keeps your feet protected from hot brass, debris and other environmental elements, which means that it is a smart idea to invest in good quality shoes. Here are three different range shoes from 5.11 Tactical that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable–putting them among the best women’s range shoes for training and everyday wear.

5.11 Tactical’s Best Women’s Range Shoes

PT-R Inure Runner

I find that you can never go wrong with wearing good sneakers at the gun range because these types of shoes are designed to be slip resistant, help support your feet and, more importantly, keep your feet fully covered. A sneaker I recommend from 5.11 Tactical is the PT-R Inure Runner. This shoe is extremely breathable to wear because it is engineered with mesh upper, which helps provide good blood circulation. Not to mention, this trainer shoe is also super comfortable to wear because the insole of the shoe is designed with INSITE Arch Relief that is made to help add extra support as you go about your day. There is also a TPU toe and heel overlay to aid in this sneaker’s durability. 

These shoes have a CMEVA midsole, while the outsole of the shoe is made out of rubber, which ensures that these sneakers are slip resistant and can maintain a strong grip on different surfaces. You can choose this shoe in the colors Pacific Navy or Black/White. This trainer shoe also comes in sizes 4-15, and you have the option of choosing your width in either Regular-D or Wide-E.

Out of all the shoes I recommend, these sneakers were my favorite because they were easy to slip on and off and able to be worn for extended periods of time. While they are made for endurance training, these shoes will have no problem joining you on the range. I loved the colors, the sleek design and, more importantly, how they made me feel that I could accomplish anything when I had them on. The MSRP on the PT-R Inure Runner is $125.

5.11 A/T Women’s Ranger 2.0

If you are looking for a sneaker that offers lots of support, I recommend the 5.11 A/T Women’s Ranger 2.0. This shoe comes equipped with an All-Terrain Load Assistance System that is made to offer extra stability. They have a suede upper and a breathable mesh, which means these sneakers are great for people that are moving around a lot. For extra durability, these sneakers have a scratch rubber toe cap, and this feature makes these shoes a great option to wear to outdoor ranges. 

The Ranger 2.0 has an Ortholite insole and Echo Lite high-rebound EVA midsole, which provides extra cushioning and support. As for the outsole, this sneaker has a multi-direction lug pattern. Lastly, for your convenience there is a removable support plate on the inside of the shoe. The Ranger 2.0 comes in sizes 6-10 and even includes half sizing. You can also choose your sneakers to be in the colors Volcanic or Pearl Grey. 

I loved the design of the shoes, the support I gained when wearing them, and I loved that they kept my feet safe and protected at the range. The MSRP of the Ranger 2.0 is $110.

Women’s A.T.A.C. 2.06”

Now if sneakers are not a type of footwear you prefer to wear, boots are always a great option to look into, and the Women’s A.T.A.C. 2.06” are ones that I definitely recommend. These boots are made with an Ortholite footbed and a breathable tongue construction that ensures your feet stay cool and dry. They also have an Achilles heel flex that helps keep these shoes comfortable and flexible to wear. To add extra protection, these shoes have a Shock Mitigation System and are designed to last because they are made with a full grain leather toe. The upper on these boots are made out of 840D nylon, and the outsole on these boots are slip and oil resistant. As for sizing, they come in sizes 5-10 and unfortunately do not have half sizing. 

Overall, these boots were breathable, easy to slip on and off and were extremely lightweight. These boots are great to wear outside, and I love that the black color can easily be paired with pretty much anything. The MSRP of the Women’s A.T.A.C. 2.06” is $110.

Closing Remarks

A good range shoe is one that does not make you choose between style and safety, but instead is one that allows fashion and function to coexist. Each shoe from 5.11 Tactical was comfortable to wear, made me feel confident wearing them, and allowed me to be range ready. I cannot recommend these shoes enough, and I cannot wait to wear them again. They are truly among the best women’s range shoes on the market. To check out the shoes I mentioned, please visit 

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