First Look: Troy Statis Optics Mount


Troy Industries has just launched a new 2.26 inch tall centerline optics mount that is compatible with any optics which use the Aimpoint Micro footprint pattern. The new Statis mount from Troy is designed to be used with modern shooting techniques and shooting stances for modern semi-automatic tactical carbines. Such stances usually involve an aggressive posture where the upper body is both squarely facing the target down range while also being squared up to their firearm. Whereas traditional stances involved a sideways bladed stance and made use of longer stocks on rifles, these modern squared up stances require a shorter stock and taller mounts so that the optics can sit at eye level when the firearm is brought up to the shoulder pocket correctly. Shooting with these modern stances can cause problems when using lower mounts as they make the shooter arch and strain their neck unnaturally which leads to fatigue and sometimes soreness, not to mention that getting a sight picture also takes longer. In tactical scenarios, taller mounts also allow the shooters to work around other gear such as gas masks, face shields, or night vision devices.

The Troy Stasis mount has a minimalist exterior design meant to stay out of the way of the shooter’s rifle or other ancillary gear. The mount is designed with a clear port underneath to allow shooters to use their backup iron sights without the mount itself getting in the way. The mount clamps down to an M1913 Picatinny rail surface via a built-in clamp that is secured with two flush fitting bolts. The unit is machined from 6061 aluminum and weighs only 3.24 ounces. 

The new Troy Stasis 2.26 inch tall mount has an MSRP of $119. Visit to learn more about this new optic mount or other products offered by Troy Industries.  

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