First Look: Sports Afield HD7 Bio Handgun Vault

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SA Consumer Products has just launched the new Sports Afield Home Defense Side Mount Quick Access Handgun Vault, also known as the HD7 Bio.

The new Sports Afield HD7 Bio is a small, secure vault meant to store a defensive handgun that can be rapidly accessed in case of an emergency, while still keeping unauthorized users away from the contents inside. With the “bio” moniker in its name, the new side-mount, quick-access vault uses biometric information to unlock to authorized users. When installed in the correct orientation, the inner portion holding the handgun slides out like a drawer with the gun’s muzzle down and the grip exposed ready for the user to grab and pick up. The Sports Afield HD7 Bio’s dimensions are 11.95 inches tall, 3.15 inches wide and 9.05 inches deep and it weighs 13.3 pounds. This internal volume allows it to hold a single duty-size handgun and an additional standard full-size handgun magazine.

Sports Afield HD7 Bio Features:

  • Rapid deployment of your handgun and spare magazine
  • Auto-open vault quickly opens with an authorized fingerprint scan
  • Stores up to 100 fingerprints, allowing for multiple positions of the same finger or multiple authorized users
  • Two failsafe override keys ensure access in any situation
  • Optional silent entry mode disables touchpad beeps for discreet operation
  • Rugged steel construction for durability
  • Foam interior protects handgun against scratches
  • Interior lighting for clear visibility at night or low light conditions
  • Sleek profile and durable matte-black powdercoat finish
  • Option to mount on the left or right side, mounting plate and hardware included
  • Approved by the CA DOJ for secure firearm storage
  • Three-year warranty covers defective locks, parts or finish

More information on the HD7 Bio vault is available at

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