First Look: Kopfjager Mag Series Rifle Mount

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Kopfjager, a company known for shooting tripods and rests, is now releasing the new Kopfjager Mag Series, which uses a magnet as one of its main clamping forces. The new Kopfjager Mag Series is also designed to bring the best elements of the ball-mount design and combine them with a precision-style rest to aid shooters in making accurate shots. The new Mag Series is made from sturdy aluminum construction along with high-impact-resistant ABS plastics for a durable and lightweight shooting rest. Due to the integrated ball mount, the Mag Series has a 360-degree articulation range, giving you the ability to engage targets from any direction. 

The magnet found in the new Kopfjager Mag Series is a quicker alternative to standard quick-detach clamps and is best suited for field shooting where the shooting rest is likely to get in the way until it is needed. All the shooter needs to do is to install the magnetized adapter onto the rail of their rifle and then simply allow the steel ball on the top end of the mount to connect with it when it’s time to shoot. To detach, the shooter only needs to pan or tilt the rifle to the far right or far left which will separate the steel ball mount from the magnetized adapter fastened to the rifle. In the end, this fast-attaching magnetic mounting scheme provides more security (and precision) to shooters compared to traditional shooting sticks or standard shooting rests that work off only friction or gravity. 

To learn more about the new Kopfjager Mag Series magnetized ball mount shooting rest, Kopfjager tripods or any other shooting accessories offered by the company, please visit their website at

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