The Mainstream Media Continues Fear Mongering Over The New COVID Variants


The mainstream media is still using the same old playbook and fear-mongering the allegedly new COVID-19 variants. The attempt is to panic people into getting the “vaccine” that’s been shown to be everything but safe and effective.

The allegedly new “FLiRT” variants circulating apparently “evade Immunity” so, the media needs people worried so they will be convinced that getting more shots is the answer.

If this sounds a little familiar, keep in mind that It was only a few months ago that many of the same outlets were reporting how “the UK could soon see its highest-ever rate of Covid infections thanks to the new variant JN.1”. They also tried this with the Omicron variant too.

The media seem to have something of a doom loop, in which they periodically recycle the same scary headlines about Covid every few months, the media outlet Unheard wrote. On one level, this is understandable: all press outlets have pages to fill, and a headline like “Covid cases go up a little bit but nothing to worry about” is probably not going to get a lot of clicks. However, a consequence is that too many people are still living in fear of a virus that, even at its peak, was of little serious risk to the vast majority of the population.

The reason for the fear-mongering is obvious. The ruling classes of the world are still trying to convince people to get injected as many times as possible for this mild virus which may not even exist at all.

Almost every article one reads about COVID pushes the importance of the Covid booster vaccines despite the evidence that vaccination has at best limited impact on infection and transmission, particularly for the more recent variants.

1 Million COVID Vaccinated Have Died in England Compared to Just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years

Many of the articles about the current variant quote Dr Gregory P. Gasic as claiming that “updated vaccines and boosters are vital” in combatting these variants. But in the very same sentence, Dr. Gasic admits that the efficacy of boosters against these variants “isn’t entirely clear”.  But it makes sense when most humans suffer from horrific cognitive dissonance and are incapable of most rational thought.

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