Russia Attacks Donbass With Giant Bomb


A video of what is likely the use of Russia’s new FAB-3000 heavy aerial bomb against Ukrainian positions in the settlement of New York in the Donetsk People’s Republic has emerged on social media. The video supposedly shows a Ukrainian command center in the village was destroyed, according to reports.

The FAB-3000 was said to have been deployed for the first time in the village of Liptsy during Russia’s advance in the Kharkiv Region two weeks ago.

A U.S.-Supplied HIMARS System Destroyed By Russia In Donbass

According to reports by a few Russian Telegram channels on Sunday, the three-ton high-explosive bomb that was equipped with a guidance module struck a Ukrainian command center. This attack killed at least 60 troops and destroyed four vehicles. The affected building “disappeared without a trace, one of the reports claimed.

According to a report by RT, the drone footage of the strike, allegedly made in New York, captured a gigantic explosion. RT could not independently verify the authenticity of the clip. Russia’s Ministry of Defense has not commented on the matter.

Click here to watch the video.

Defense News wrote earlier this week that “in recent months” Russia has used this kind of weaponry against Ukraine’s front-line troops. “Currently, Ukraine has few counters to glide bomb strikes,” it said.

Over the past several months, Russian troops have been making steady gains in Donbas. In early May, Moscow also launched an offensive in Kharkiv Region. President Vladimir Putin said it was a response to the routine shelling of Russian civilian infrastructure by Ukrainian troops in the border regions, requiring the creation of a “sanitary zone.” –RT

Putin To U.S.: Russia Will DESTROY F-16s Used By Ukraine

This is an obvious escalation of this war. Russia has been warning since the start that it will destroy weapons sent by the West. It has also laid down several red lines that the United States and others continue to cross because of their intervention. So far, Russia has only retaliated against Ukraine, and not it’s Western backers.

Ukraine And NATO Urge U.S. To Cross Another One Of Russia’s “Red Lines”


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