Ruling Class “Advances” Its “Plan” To Produce 4.8 Million Bird Flu “Vaccines”

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The Health and Human Services arm of the ruling class is now “advancing” its preplanned scamdemic “vaccines” for the bird flu. In order to “prepare” for the next plandemic, the ruling class is going to be creating 4.8 million H5N1 avian influenza shots along with a propaganda campaign to convince the slave class to get injected, once again.

They say history repeats until we learn from it. Have we not learned our lesson that simply the existence of a ruling class (some still call it government) is immoral to begin with? Not to mention the mental gymnastics needed for the slaves to continue to accept that they should be controlled, ruled, and stolen from all for their own “good.” If we didn’t learn our lessons from the obvious scamdemic that was COVID-19, we certainly probably won’t learn them this time, now that it seems that the bird flu is the next planned hoax.

According to the University of Minnesota’s CIDRAP, Dawn O’Connell, JD, said health officials have identified a manufacturing line at one of its manufacturing partners for fill-and-finish steps, without disrupting the production of seasonal flu vaccine. Currently, the vaccine is in bulk form and will be produced in multidose vials.

She said it takes a couple of months to fill and finish the vaccine doses, which would save time in case a vaccine is needed. Federal health officials have said one of two H5N1 candidate vaccine viruses is well matched to the circulating strain. But how do they know how it’ll mutate once it can be spread from human to human? Or this is just another preplanned excuse to try to get whatever is in these syringes into the bodies of the slaves being ruled over?

YOU Created The Greatest Conspiracy

Nirav Shah, MD, JD, principal deputy director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said potential trigger factors might include a change in transmission propensity, such as human-to-human in addition to animal-to-human spread, and any sign of increased illness severity.

He also said a change in the complexion of the cases might be a trigger, such as H5N1 infections cropping up in people who have no epidemiologic links to affected dairy farms. “And we’re always looking for mutations,” Shah said. “We’re in rich discussions across federal agencies.”

If they want this shot in the bodies of as many willing human cattle as possible, expect all or most of those situations to occur.


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