Massive Portfolio Holding SOARED – Led all Stocks Yesterday

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Wealth Research Group has named its top 10 companies in the world and stuck with them for years and years.

My portfolio doesn’t change much. I find the greatest businesses in the whole wide world, in my opinion, and accumulate more and more and more, every time they’re trading on the dip.

No other newsletter has been able to bring such top-quality stocks and no one will – we work harder than anyone else! If you’re still somehow not familiar with my top 10 companies in the world, I give them to you once more:

ServiceNow (NOW)

MSCI Inc. (the company that led the S&P 500 yesterday)

Roper Technologies (ROP)

Cintas (CTAS)

Fair Issac (FICO)

Gartner (IT)

The Trade Desk (TTD)

Idexx Laboratories (IDXX)

Axon Enterprises (AXON)

Globant (GLOB)

 Our top 10 companies have outperformed the Magnificent Seven.

When the mining sector bottoms and begins its own bull market, I expect our top 10 mining companies for 2024 (the first of which I plan to announce in early February) to be just as fabulous and gorgeous.

I am proud of the track record of our top companies and I can’t wait for these commodities to start soaring like a rocket ship. I’ll have a full alert out tomorrow after Powell’s press conference later on today.

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