Denmark’s Ruling Class Will Be The First To Tax Cow Farts


The ruling class of Denmark is taking one giant leap into tyranny and will be the first to tax cow farts. It isn’t just the cow farts either. Pigs and sheep emissions will also be taxed.

This new tax on farmers over greenhouse gases produced by their livestock is the first of its kind Taxation Minister Jeppe Bruus has announced, and will start in 2030. That should give farmers sufficient time to end the production of animal products humans depend on to thrive in this increasingly artificial world. Somehow, the rulers want the slaves to believe that taxing the farts of animals will somehow lower emissions by 70%.

According to a report by RT, livestock farmers will be taxed 300 kroner ($43) per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent produced by their animals. However, this will initially be subject to an income tax deduction of 60%. The measure is expected to hit dairy farmers the most, given that an average Danish cow produces around six metric tons (6.6 tons) of CO2 equivalent each year, with pigs and sheep emitting significantly less gas.

It isn’t the tax that will do that, it’s the fact that people won’t want that kind of money stolen from them on top of the already egregious theft that’s taking place all over the world so rulers can amass power and wealth. Because they won’t like it, they will divest from farming and that’s what’ll lower emissions. Or will it? Harvesting plants is far worse for the environment in terms of CO2 emissions than animal agriculture could ever be.

The new tax is expected to greatly contribute to the country’s goal of reducing emissions by 70% from 1990 levels by the end of the decade, as well as ultimately attaining carbon neutrality, Bruus explained.

“We will take a big step closer in becoming climate neutral in 2045,” the minister stated, praising the measure as a way for Denmark to become “the first country in the world to introduce a real CO2 tax on agriculture.”

Why do the sociopaths in power want to eliminate CO2 emissions anyway? Plants need carbon dioxide to convert it into oxygen, which is their waste product. Humans use oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so what are they really trying to eliminate here? Sounds like all food is going to be manufactured soon, and all-natural products (plants and animals) will be off the table, literally. Except for the bugs. They want you to eat the bugs.

The legwork is already being done to convince the more naive humans that even though elevated carbon dioxide levels aid plants and plant growth, it’s somehow still “harmful.” Even though more plants contribute more oxygen to the globe. This level of propagandized mental gymnastics is easy to see through. There’s only so much they can dumb down the masses, and many are starting to figure these games out.

This is all a part of the overall agenda for total control of every human being.


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