CDC Says Bird Flu Has “Pandemic Potential” As It Has Mutated Over 300 Times

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The bird flu could cause the next pandemic in humans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned. The H5N1 strain is currently spreading on farms and continues to mutate.

This strain has also mutated over 300 times. However, keep in mind that the “pandemic potential” this virus has is being pushed as the ruling class also discusses the “vaccines” they’ll expect everyone to roll up their sleeves for.

According to an article by The Daily Mail, in a report quietly published late last week, the CDC said that avian flu viruses “have pandemic potential” in a section about rolling out vaccines if there is a human spillover.

Also last week, a separate study by the United States Department of Agriculture released genetic data showing the H5N1 strain tearing through dairy farms had acquired dozens of new mutations. These changes could make the strain more likely to spread from cows to other animals, including people, and make the virus resistant to antivirals.

Despite this, the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) continue to insist that the risk to the public is low. Is this how they are going to convince people to take the shots they already have prepared to administer?

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The WHO said, “At the present time, based on available information, WHO assesses the overall public health risk posed by H5N1 to be low. [But] for those with exposure to infected birds or animals or contaminated environments, the risk of infection is considered low-to-moderate. This risk requires close monitoring and WHO and partners will continue to regularly assess and publish public health risk assessments for avian influenza.”

USDA researchers have warned that some [mutations] “in virus population were detected at low frequency that may lead to changes in transmission [in other species]… after evolution in dairy cattle. Continued transmission of H5N1 within dairy cattle increases the risk for infection and subsequent spread of the virus to human populations.”

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At least 491 mutations have been detected so far, of which 309 were associated with “functional changes” in the virus.

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