Senate Bill 131 Eases Carry Restrictions In Mesa County Gov’t Buildings


Governor Polis signed Senate Bill 131, allowing firearms in most Mesa County government buildings except the Justice Center, Criminal Justice Services, Sheriff’s Office, and Detention Facility, effective July 1. Residents can now carry firearms in specified county facilities.

MESA, CO (3-minute read) — Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 131 in May, granting local governments the option to allow the carrying of firearms in their facilities. Mesa County commissioners have recently approved a resolution outlining the specific county spaces where firearms can and cannot be carried.

According to the new law, Mesa County residents will be able to carry firearms into several county government buildings starting July 1. However, there are notable exceptions to this rule. Firearms will still be prohibited in the Mesa County Justice Center, the Criminal Justice Services building, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Detention Facility. These locations are considered sensitive due to their direct involvement with law enforcement and the judicial system.

The commissioners’ resolution aims to balance public safety with Second Amendment rights, reflecting the growing trend of local governments reevaluating firearm regulations. Senate Bill 131 means that residents who have legal permits for concealed or open carry can bring their firearms into most other county government offices and chambers.

Safety Tip: Always ensure your firearm is securely stored and only carried in areas where it is legally permitted.

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