Nashville Resident Uses AR-15 Against Suspects During Car Break-In


A Nashville resident used an AR-15 against two suspects during an attempted car break-in, resulting in a shooting. The suspect was found injured and the case is under investigation.

ANTIOCH, TN (4-minute read) — The Metro Nashville Police Department is currently investigating a shooting that occurred early Tuesday morning on Mountain High Drive in Antioch, involving reported car break-ins.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., an apartment owner was alerted to suspicious activity, suspecting someone was attempting to break into vehicles. Surveillance footage later confirmed that two individuals were indeed trying to break into cars.

Armed with an AR-15, the apartment owner decided to confront the suspected burglars. According to police reports, as the apartment owner approached, he fired at the suspects. One of the suspects, who was also armed, did not have a chance to draw his firearm in response.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the wounded suspect hiding in a nearby dumpster. They provided immediate medical assistance, and the individual was reported to be in stable condition.

Authorities confiscated the AR-15 used in the incident for evidence. As of now, no charges have been filed against the apartment owner, with the final decision pending review by the district attorney’s office.

Self-defense with AR-15’s aren’t seen in stories we cover nearly as much as handguns, but of course they are a viable choice for home defense and much more.


In situations involving potential criminal activity, it’s crucial to prioritize personal safety and avoid direct confrontation unless there is an immediate threat to life. Approaching a suspect can escalate the situation, increasing the risk of harm to all parties involved. Instead, it is advisable to promptly contact law enforcement and provide a detailed description of the suspects and their actions.

This approach allows trained professionals to handle the situation, reducing the likelihood of a bad outcome for yourself and improving the chances of apprehending the suspects effectively. Accurate information can be invaluable to police efforts, contributing to a safer resolution without unnecessary risks.

Safety Tip: Always ensure your firearm is securely stored and accessible only to authorized individuals. Familiarize yourself with local laws regarding self-defense to make informed decisions in high-stress scenarios.

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