DeLand Resident Defends Home, Shoots Two Intruders


A DeLand resident defended his home from an armed invasion, shooting two intruders and leading to the arrest of four men. The suspects were charged and held without bond.

DELAND, FL (2-minute read) — Four men have been charged in connection with an armed DeLand home invasion robbery, which ended with two of the suspects being shot by their intended target, according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s officials reported that deputies responded to a call around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday at 931 Clark Ave. concerning several shots fired during a home invasion robbery. It was determined that the suspects had entered the home with the intention of robbing the occupant, someone they knew from previous narcotics transactions. The situation escalated when the resident pulled out a firearm and fired 17 shots, with several rounds hitting the suspects’ vehicle. Two of the intruders were injured and transported to a hospital for treatment of their gunshot wounds.

The sheriff’s office noted that deputies quickly located and detained one suspect near the scene of the incident. Additionally, they discovered the suspects’ vehicle in Daytona Beach and conducted a felony stop, successfully detaining the driver. The vehicle had noticeable bullet holes on the driver’s side, which corroborated the resident’s account of the confrontation.

The suspects were identified as Benjamin Warren, 20, Timothy Bourn, 22, Marquis Williams, 19, and Jaiden Hunt, 20. All four individuals are currently being held without bond at the Volusia County jail, facing serious charges related to the armed home invasion.

This incident underscores the importance of responsible firearm ownership and the right to self-defense. Homeowners must always be prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones while adhering to local laws and regulations. Situational awareness and proper training in firearm use are critical components of effective self-defense strategies.

Safety Tip: Always ensure your firearm is securely stored when not in use and undergo regular training to maintain proficiency and safety awareness.

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