Concealed Carrier Shoots Suspect Who Began Charging At Him During Disturbance

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PORTLAND, OR (2-minute read) – On Thursday night, a confrontation in downtown Portland escalated when a man, reportedly causing a disturbance by aggressively banging on apartment windows, was shot and wounded. The incident occurred near 600 Northwest Naito Parkway around 9:15 p.m.

Portland police were called to the scene after receiving multiple reports about the man’s behavior. Upon arrival, they found him with a gunshot wound, which was not life-threatening. He was promptly transported to a hospital.

According to initial reports, two private security officers had attempted to persuade the man to leave the area. However, the situation intensified when he charged at a passerby, prompting the individual to fire a shot in self-defense.

The firearm used in the incident was legally owned and concealed, leading to no immediate charges against the shooter, who stayed at the scene and cooperated with the authorities. The security officers secured the firearm and handed it over to the police upon their arrival.

As of now, further details about the suspect’s identity or additional circumstances surrounding the incident remain undisclosed.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always ensure that your firearm is legally possessed and properly concealed, and remain at the scene to cooperate with law enforcement if you ever have to use it in self-defense.

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