VineClimber: What are Victorinox (and Leatherman) trying to do?

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When I shared John Gadget’s video a while back, I didn’t realize I was sending you down a rabbit hole that would have such staying power.

Jon Gadget: What’s Happened to Victorinox? (SAK)

Turns out I missed a similar video from MaxLevelEDC, dealing with problems at Leatherman. I just shared it prior to posting this…

MaxLevelEDC: Leatherman please, take this seriously.

Now another EDC YouTuber is hopping on the trend…

I am just learning about her channel, but I am always happy to have more voices in the mix.

Between Victorinox thinking that ditching knives is the answer to Leatherman QC issues, it is a rough time in the multitool space.



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