The Knife Edge: Sunday Blade at Spyderco


Sunday, the last day of the Blade Show, is always a day of mixed emotions. Everyone must leave and for many dealers that means packing up and making flight connections. Some, like Pro-Tech, are completely sold out. For knife fanciers, like myself, it’s a sad day. My wife and I are leaving a community, even as temporary as the Blade show, and reentering a world of people who don’t carry a knife, don’t understand about knives, and if they own one, they have owned it for thirty years. It is as if an invisible wall is erected between me and them. We don’t speak the same language,

The upside is my visit with Spyderco. I really want to thank Kelly Towers, the Director of Sales and Marketing, for taking the time to talk with me.

Spyderco is still in the final stages of building and enlarging manufacturing facilities in Golden, Colorado. They have been at it for some time. The COVID epidemic and the shortages that followed put a damper on their progress. The exciting thing about their expansion is that they are expanding the manufacturing areas, not office space. The difference is that manufacturing space makes money, not office space.

To my surprise, much of Spyderco’s new production space will be set aside to develop new knife lines made solely in Golden. I have always associated Spyderco with Japan. Many of their knives are still made overseas, but things change. Don’t be surprised to see more knives stamped “Golden Colorado U.S.A. Earth” on their tangs.

WEB Griffin said, “The mark of another man’s genius is how much you agree with him”.  Frank’s description of Sunday at Blade Show is spot on.

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