Spydercollector: C263 Bodacious – First Impressions


The Spyderco C263 Bodacious had finally started to ship, and I’ve had the privilege to already receive an earlier sample at the 2024 Spyderco Amsterdam Meet in February. As you can tell from the engraving on some of these photos, you can tell I’ll keep this one looking nice for my collection. Still, my C263 got a light workout and plenty of first impressions to share.

Many Spyderco aficionados will immediately recognize the similarities between the Bodacious and the Shaman, on a superficial level, the C263 is basically a Shaman without the choil and a flat handle. Other than those main differences, the two share a very similar size and profile. However, these two changes do make a difference.

Deleting the choil has increased the cutting edge. In a forward grip, the cutting edge now starts right next your index-finger knuckle. So much so, that I got cut on the first day of receiving this knife and just playing around with it. This was not the knife’s fault, it’s just that I’m not used to having a Spydie with an edge that goes so close to the heel of the blade. I know there are plenty of knife-users that don’t like the 50/50 choil that is featured on so many Spyderco designs. If you’re one of them, the Bodacious is for you.

Spydercollector is one of the titans in the SpydieSphere. His favorable review carries a lot of weight.

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Spyderco C263 Bodacious – First Impressions


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