KnifeNews: Peter Carey Returns to WE with Full-Size Nitro Follow-up

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Knife maker Peter Carey partnered up again with WE Knife Co., this time to release a full-size production model of his Nitro custom. The Nitro OG, as they’re calling it, brings out a version of the knife with its full dimensions after testing the waters with the Nitro Mini some time ago.

It was with that smaller version of the Nitro that Carey first hopped aboard the WE train in 2022; in the intervening time, he drew up the Gordo for the company’s Civivi brand; the Nitro OG marks the first time he’s with WE proper since the Mini. As the name implies, the Nitro OG matches Carey’s custom original in terms of dimensions, with a 3.75-inch drop point blade that looks ready to work – and, as usual, you’ve got your choice of blade finishes here. Seeing as this is a WE release, those finishes actually differ quite a bit: there’s a hand-rubbed satin finish, a full blackwash coated option, and finally a hybrid ‘satin flats, coated primary edge’ flavor.

I like Carey’s work.  He also has one of the great makers marks.  Looks kinda like the Dana Incorporated logo.


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