KnifeNews: LionSteel KC-01 was Born in the Italian Knife Community

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LionSteel’s latest project is a bit different than a standard full production release. The company is rolling out a limited edition fixed blade called the KC-01, a tribute by and for members of a prominent online Italian knife community.

Knife Community Italia began in 2020, a year when online meeting places saw a surge of attention in all walks of life. The founders took an existing Facebook group that was focused, like many Facebook knife groups, around buying and selling knives, and transformed it into a more complete community-style experience. One of the founders of Knife Community Italia, Raffaele Santoro, partnered with his friend and knife maker Michele Pensato, probably better known to LionSteel fans as Molletta, to create this utility fixed blade.

LionSteel has been doing some interesting things lately. I really like their “Spymoto” collab with Spyderco.

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LionSteel KC-01 was Born in the Italian Knife Community



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