KnifeNews: GiantMouse GMF1-XL is Scaled up in More Ways Than One


In case you missed it: earlier this month GiantMouse released the GMF1-XL, the much-anticipated larger variation of their long-running EDC fixed blade. The GMF1-XL scales up the design, but also tweaks it, creating a knife with a feel very much its own.

In talking about any GiantMouse release (so far), you’re talking about a collaborative design from custom makers Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes. In fact, the two have worked together so long through GiantMouse in particular that, rather than coming across as a mix of elements from each maker, their collaborative designs seem to have a third, unique style all their own.

Anso and Vox are two busy fellows.  They have their respective custom shops, make up 2/3 of the Management team at GiantMouse, and design for a host of companies besides.

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GiantMouse GMF1-XL is Scaled up in More Ways Than One



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